First Aid & CPR

Emergency First Aid Residential Care $90.00

Emergency First Aid Residential Care/CPR C/AED

Firemedix Emergency First Aid Residential Care meets the Schedule C of the Adult Care Licensing Act of BC.
Currently we are providing custom first aid for 14 Community Service organizations/nonprofits who are providing care to everyone from pri-care to seniors. Our focus is on real life, customized training that takes into consideration the challenges that staff face, including choking in a wheel chair, special considerations for individuals with autism.
Have your staff trained by someone who actually responds to emergencies for a living

Emergency First Aid Child Care $85.00

(includes Child care licensing approved certificate)

Emergency First Aid Child Care

First-aid & CPR training is mandatory for child care professionals but unlike most other types of safety training, these skills and knowledge are also applicable to every individual’s daily life.
Firemedix's developed this course to help child care facilities be compliant with both federal and provincial/territorial occupational health and safety legislations. Most importantly, this course is designed for parents and family members who want to offer the safest environment for their children.
The question you have to ask yourself as a childcare provider or parent, why learn from someone who has never been in an emergency or done CPR? All Firemedix instructors are practicing firefighters or paramedics who all have real world experience