Firefighter Skills Refresher / Firefighter Courses

Firefighter Skills Maintenance Program 

Gear Rental $500.00

Monthly Course Fee $300.00

Drop In Fee: $110.00 FOR EMR Training nights only

Firemedix is proud to announce North Americas first and only skills maintenance program designed to build and maintain the skills a firefighter candidate receives in their initial NFPA 1001/1002 training. Firemedix has designed the program to help students improve their basic firefighter skills but receive enough medical credits to maintain their EMR license as per the EMA Licensing requirements for CME credits.

Done in a volunteer practice night format, students will not only do skills maintenance in both firefighter and medical skills but will have the opportunities to do advanced firefighter technique courses, auto extrication, RIT training and advanced medical courses.

The final and most valuable skills students will learn are the soft skills and traditions of the fire service that aren't being taught. These soft skills are a critical portion to becoming a successful candidate.

For more information please contact info@firemedix and check us out at Firemedix_fireadacemy on Instagram