EMR Full Course

EMR Full Course $1500.00

We are open for registration for our Fall classes as of June 24th 2020

If you have any questions please contact

Firemedix@yahoo.com or 604-916-7556

Firemedix has figured out a new way to do the full EMR without breaking the bank.

We offer a blended First Responder Course/EMR bridging that allows a student to do the full EMR over 4 weekends at a reduced rate. What this does is allows a student time to absorb the information and practice between weekends. We have had great success at EMA licensing with this process so we have expanded it to the below classes.

Number one sign up for an FR class:

1) First Responder Class:

Dates: nights are from 1800-2200 and days are from 0830-1600

October 8th night October 9th/10th day and October 15th night October 16/17th day

December 3  night December 4/5 day and December 10  night 11/12 day

****2022 Dates*****

January 7th 2022 night January 8th/9th day

January 14th 2022 night January 15th/16th day

****2022 Dates*****

March 11th 2022 night March 12th/13th day

March 18th 2022 night March 19th/20th day

May 13th night, 14th/15th day

May 20 night, 21st/22nd day

July 15th night, 16th/17th day

July 22nd night. 23rd/24th day

Number Two Sign up for an EMR bridging class:

2) EMR Bridging Class:

Dates: nights are from 1800-2200 and days are from 0800-1700

November 12th night November 13/14 day and November 19th night November 20/21 day

****2022 Dates****

January 21st 2022 night January 22/23 days and

January 28 night January 29/30 day

February 11th night 12th/13th day


February 18th night 19th/20th day 2022

 March  11th night 12th/13th day


March18th night 19th/20th day 2022

April 15th night, 16th/17th day


April 22th night 23rd/24th day

May 13th night 14th/15th day


May 20th night May 21st/22nd day

June 10 night, 11th/12th day


June 17 night, 18th/19th day

This is the most affordable and easiest way to get your complete EMR training sign up today!!

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