Medical Emergencies for Hockey Professionals

Medical Emergencies for Hockey Professionals is one of only a few of its kind in North America

Firemedix is proud to announce we have launch our Medical Emergencies for Hockey Professionals. Firemedix has been the official first aid trainer for the Vancouver Canucks for the past 5 seasons and is now the official trainer for the BC Hockey League. Building on our experience gained at the PHATS (Professional Athletic Trainers Conference) 2019 in Austin TX, Firemedix created an ongoing educational experience to build athletic trainers, coaching staff, equipment managers, strength and conditioning coachs and anyone to handle on ice emergencies.  



Emergency Equipment

Rink Emergency Procedures

Hockey Canada's Call Person

Spinal Management

Cardiac Arrest Management

Bleeding Management

Fracture Management

Seizure on the ice Management


Overdose Managment

Post Class Follow up/competecy

Great now that you have the knowledge, how long does it stay for? To increase muscle memory and confidence, Firemedix has created monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly drills based on emergencies that have recently occured either in the NHL or BCHL. Using our community partners, each drill will be filmed and sent out to our clients with the associated drill. 

To register please contact to register or call (604) 916-7556 and I would be happy to answer any of your questions.